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I have been dealing with painting since my earliest youth. For a long time I did not paint, also due to my professional life as a graphic designer. Since I have swept the back to the advertising industry, however, I have the head free for the freelance art in my free time. So I paint when time and muse is reinforced again, mostly in oil.

My last work.
Morning forest road in May.Oil on canvas. 2021

In the oil painting, I am mainly working in the wet-in-wet technique. As in many other activities, you never learn and just tries a lot in art. In the beginning, however, I already have an idea of the motif, the colors, technology, scope and size of the image. Inspire I leave my own photos or even foreign photographs and sometimes of existing works of art. Freelance art has virtually many degrees of freedom.
Here you will find an excerpt of some works.

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Today’s writing springs from calligraphy. In the cultural history of the Occident initially shaped, developed and distributed by Christianity, by writing and translating sacred writings and the fragrant of the Bible. From this was later derived the document in their many forms.
Today, calligraphy still applies in headlines, documents, certificates, posters, etc. Calligraphy was more likely to be a craft in the Middle Ages, today one can call it as an art form. Who harvests the calligraphy as a graphic artist or artist, can use them design and conveys an important one’s own sense. Here you will find a few examples of my exercises.

Drawings and Acts

The following drawings are made with pencil, chalk or ink. The file are fast below 2 minutes. So you can make a feeling for the right “stroke” without big post correction. Two acts are in ink with brush. Ink is also unadulterated. Drawings are also often template or base for larger works of art, e.g. in oil, acrylic, tempera or mixing techniques.
Pencil drawings are excellent for shadows and lights and spatial representations and studies.
An extensive artwork are usually always drawings. A final drawing can be brought directly to the canvas and by lasing technology the painting gradually receives its color and correct tone values.

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