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Ducati – Monster M821

On March 20, 2015, the time has come and I could call a Ducati Monster 821 in “Star White Silk” my own. I have been looking for a long time until I found the right bike for me. I never wanted a pure tourer and never a pure street motorbike. The Monster 821 offers something of everything and fits mainly on my body size. She also looks good and has a great sound. Many tours I will drive and hold them here in pictures.

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First impressions with M821

First of all, I have to emphasize the same that I felt comfortable on the Monster 821 from the first kilometer. The first 1000 km of entry procedure I had after a good 2 weeks behind me. Until then, I have not taken care of it no longer loaded with higher speeds. After the first review, it may then be more. But it does not need, she already pushes on the basement powerful.
I did not play much around the electronics. I drive them to 95% in “Touring” mode. This setting is already quite perfect and offers a degree of residual safety compared to the “sport” mode. That you in “Sport” mode strong start is not noticed. Maybe it’s the monster 1200 so that has 29 horses more in the stable.
With the engine of Monster 821, Ducati seems to be a very technically good positon. On the sound I do not have to go on, is well known that the little monsters sound better than the big sister. Ducati has made a whole job here. I even fear that a non-original exhaust system with serial approval does not get to this coordinated factory sound quality! From January 2016 Euro 4 is generally valid for new models and from 2017 for new registrations in europe. The monsters has therefore received a new end pot, quieter and ugly.
From the driving I am more than convinced. The double swinge mediates a very safe driving experience here. Somewhat sensitive in slack, it reacts to poor road conditions in combination with road bumps. Positive here is the feedback from the chassis. Nevertheless, I have criticisms, now where it becomes warmer, I then noticed the engine heating, which crawls underneath the tank and bench unpleasantly the thighs when you stand at slow city traffic. Whatever i order the monsters not for a real big city fun, but belongs to the country road.
Also the installed series return mirrors are not the best. They vibrate strongly on the left side. That is the reason why i order soon some better mirrors.
I also have a small design issue 😉 To the many coolant hoses that the engine on the left. I had to get used to my first time. Anyway, that does not count to the highlights of the Ducati. I can not explain this confusion of hoses to myself. Even worse, it looks at the 1200’s. He has an additional oil cooler below the water cooler. One reason why I would not buy the big sister. The engine is basicly from M821, but only adapted to 1200 cubic and should it be foreseeable that the cooling capacity will not be sufficient.
But i have to praise the electronic display, which is always well clear and readable in combination with sunlight. Likewise, the tank that looks very stylish. Also, I have found that the monsters 821 look even better without a seating cover. But everything pure flavor.
The M821 was manufactured by 2020. Successor is the M950 which does not have a lattice pipe frame and no longer has the typical monsters design line. There are therefore much criticism of Ducati.
I am showing here specially beautiful pictures of the monsters 821.

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Some Pictures recorded near the hilly landscape of the Swabian Alb region.
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  1. Hey hallo, schöne Internetseite! Sag mal, wie groß bist du denn bitte, von wegen der Monster 821, ich überlege nämlich auch mit meinen 1,86 m?

    Viele Grüße

    • Hallo Steffen, ich bin 1,87 m. Also fast gleich.
      Kleine Empfehlung von mir, falls du dich für die M821 entscheidest, nehme gleich die M821 Stripe, kostet nur ein paar Hundert mehr, hast aber dafür verstellbare up-side-down Gabeln + ein Windschild.
      Ebenso empfehle ich die Tourensitzbank, dann sitzt ein paar Zentimeter höher.

      Gruss Torsten.

  2. Das bei Dir der Leerlauf gut zu finden​ ist freut mich! Bei meiner ist das vor allem wenn sie kalt ist immer schwierig!

    Weiterhin viel Spaß mit Deiner Monster!

  3. Hallo Thomas mit dem Leerlauf hatte ich bisher nie Probleme. Einzig der Gasgriff hat mal Schwierigkeiten gemacht. Problem war bekannt und wurde auf Garantie behoben. Ebenso wurden die Bremsanlage vorne komplett neu ersetzt auf Garantie.

    Grüsse und danke für den Beitra.

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