Bike Tour Ostsee, Gützkow-Freest

75 km tour from Gützkow to the fishing village freest and back, together with my father. In the video he drives in front of me on the monster at the age of 76 years.

Rennstrecke “Anneau du Rhin” 16.04.2017

The first time with the Ducati M821 on the racetrack in France “Anneau du Rhin”.
Unfortunately, there were no optimal weather conditions. In the morning 9 ° C and at noon 12 ° C for only 2 out of 7 sessions in the dry. Did still enjoy, so I want to repeat this in good weather conditions.

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Motoradcycle Tour September 2016

Tour of Esslingen about Münsingen, Biberach, Ochsenhausen, Memmingen, Kempten to Reutte to the Plansee. Back about Ettal, Oberau, Murnau am Staffelsee, Herrsching am Ammersee.

Motoradcycle Tour 2016

On 06.05.2016 I was with 3 colleagues of Aconext on a small motorcycle tour. We started in Ulm direction Reutte, Weisenbach am Lech, Haldenensee and back. The sound of the monsters is unfortunately very unrealistic with the actioncam.

Schleizer Dreieck IDM 2015

On 03.08.2015 I was on the race Sunday on the Schleizer Racing Track. Motivation was for me the performance of Ralf Waldmann on the Ducati Monster 821 in the Supernaked class, which was started together with the 600’s supersports. The supernaked is a new class, so only 5 riders are considered. Waldmann celebrated his comeback in this class. Here are a some pictures of Kjel Kandhin (1st place on Suzuki) and Udo Reichmann (MT09 Yamaha in 2th place) and Ralf Waldmann on the Monster 821. Also a small sound video and pictures from the paddock is here available.

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